Monday, April 23, 2018

Day story


Outside my window, tulips blooming. The cherry blossoms beginning their showy display--later than most. We are late bloomers in the woods. The grass is cut. I raked out leaves from the pool area gardens, and I cut the grass in there too. Tomorrow is calling overcast and maybe rain. I think I might work in the rock garden and pull away last year's dead weeds. My gardens weren't really tended last year. I hope to change that this year, joyfully.

Giving thanks for this sunny day. A funny puppy plays in the leaf waves as I toss them down the rocky hillside. Thankful for Ruth and the joy she brings our family. Thankful for comfy new shoes to start interval training in. Thankful for this feeling of a second chance at life, after a last year that was heavy with death. Thankful for these calloused hands and achy shoulders. All joy.

In the school room, this year's books, and summer studies, and plans for a next school year. Boxes in the mail--I can't wait to open. And Erin's first, "Are we doing science over summer?!? I really don't want to, Mom." To when I opened the box and pulled out the lab supplies for botany, "Oh!" taking the lesson preps from my hands, "This looks so cool! Can we start it now?"


From the kitchen, we polished off last bites of chocolate cheesecake. Tomorrow is a Tuesday, and our poetry tea for the month. I had hoped for a field party with lots of friends and festivity. This month got away from me. I am happy, though, that it will be us (though we LOVE guests at the table!). Scones and fruit salads. Who knows what else?

I am thinking all the happy thoughts, focusing on the best memories and dreaming of a future. Dreaming of friends over this summer and blue splashes and blackberries in little hands. Thinking of painting our bedroom (this has been a plan for years!) and going with Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige. It has hints of gray in it, of course. My favorite color. Really and truly.

I don't want to forget all this God-given wonderland. This home and property have been a place of healing and growth. Time spent outside in birdsong and distant sounds of lawn tractors and my own children's voices--it is life giving. All of this place is a blessing. I love it all.

I am reading Quo Vadis by Henryk Sienkiewicz, Ember Rising by S. D. Smith, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving, Republic by Plato and Meditations by Marcus Aurelius.

Around the house, windows open and music playing. Thank. You. God.

I am hearing worship music on the radio and Lanie sweeping in the living room and birds singing outside. It is wonderful.

A view of my favorite things:
She snagged my phone and selfied with cheesecake

Beauty and the Beast night out with my kids

Oh, Ruth. And tulips.

Our friend in the play!

She curls up every night at dinner at my feet at the kitchen table

Garden day


Smiles, unexpected.

Ruth asleep on my foot

New shoes, new day

At the table, I wonder when we will have Friday night dinners with guests again. Making plans for our fire pit, whether rocks from the yard or something more intentional--hoping for summer full of guests for bonfires, swimming, cookouts, poetry picnics and teas. Looking forward.

Looking forward.

And still counting (11,803-11,832)

a dog that follows
how she sleeps at my feet in the kitchen
how we laugh at this animal circus--oh, the strutting at the watering hole

her waggy tail greetings
her nose bumps into my legs for attention
delightful puppy love
impromptu headshots on the patio

a family friend's performance
how Belle chatted Erin in the aisle
blankets on the couch
sunny days for yard work

better days for my sister
chocolate cheesecake from the Instant Pot
textbooks in the mail
a check, delivered
a plan for the next school year

piano music through these rooms
and how I can hear it outside when I'm throwing sticks for Ruth
blossoming trees
tulips in my gardens
a phone chat with Michi

Denise at the table
Marshall's Mom
the closing up of a school year
my kids

and the privilege to homeschool them
the boys at the door, all smiles and welcome

Monday, April 16, 2018

And still counting (11,781-11,802)

good sleep nights with Ruth
promises of warmth in the forecast
better days (in thoughts)
peace in the breaks
homeschooling my kids

plans made for the next school year
books in queue
summery days
a first cut on the lawn tractor
a sudsy pup

spring peepers singing
mild nights
a sunny day for a senior photoshoot

Erin in the stream
a pup that sleeps at my feet

barefoot walks on the patio
recital programs, completed
a week that felt normal (!!!!)
the big buds on the cherry tree
daffodils perked in chilly temps

a chat with Helen
Rebecca on the phone