Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Day story


Outside my window, some piles of weeds I'm finally getting around to pulling. Cloudy skies and seventies. Do-rag back on my head. Dirt under my nails. This is good.

Giving thanks for friends. For friends who know me. For friends on the worst days. For friends I can be vulnerable with. For friends who stand me back up with scriptures. For friends who worry for me. All of them lift me up and push me back onto the path.

In the school room, a summer writing workshop with a friend's daughter and Lanie. But not today. Working on September schedules and stuffing myself full with last minute books and book purchases--because JUST ONE MORE! Talked to a friend today about homeschooling and podcasts and days off.

From the kitchen, lists of meal ideas for breakfasts, snacks, lunches and dinners. Cookbooks spread out. How to fill a finicky tummy. I would never be a bento mom if not driven to it by a picky eater whose love language is gifts.

I am. Regardless of what someone says or thinks or imagines. Jesus knows me. I'm beginning to realize how much stronger that makes me, when I believe the truth about who I am, and who I am in Christ, than someone's limited perception of me.

I don't want to forget, the year between the army and the sea and I felt sinking. As hard as it was, it comforts me now. I didn't sink. I rose stronger. On, on. In the hard things, on the hard days, on, on. When she said, "I worry about you." I said, "Sometimes I do too." Fix a focus. On, on.

Around the house, a yard day and quiet at home. Erin wants to swim. And I have to stop and experience summer and time with my kids over moving from task to task. God, help me to be present. I feel it calling again--the hunkering hermitting before the start of a new school year.

I am hearing kids' home videos. Someone's lawn mower. The hush of overcast skies.

A view of my favorite things:
after the writing workshop

morning light

sunflowers, a favorite!


I'm not sure when I took this picture


docking station

more art

lunch that's not a peanut butter sandwich

Cosmo, who really does spill over the sides

art show at art camp

She's a favorite!

Nella, by Erin

At the table, whether schooling, eating, drinking tea--my heart, always.

Monday, July 24, 2017

And still counting (10,686-10,710)

the purple pod vine from Suzanne's garden
a week of art camp
chances to catch up with friends I haven't seen in a long time
Lori's smile
Tracey's calls

long thoughts on motherhood
long thoughts on legacy
long thoughts on self care
too much sleep
a movie invite to Michi's

poetry books in the mail
a movie night out for my kids with their friends
Saturday breakfast with my man
time to touch up roots
a new writer on 66 Books

homeschool planning
another year at home with my kids
all the good books
an evening walk with Lanie
Kristine, who worries about me

worship on Sunday
a great message on generosity
ice water
a fun read 
enough chocolate ice cream to fill four cones

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Wanted: blender--the misery antidote

There's this yummy shake we had this summer that I would make more often if our blender hadn't quit working.

It has frozen bananas, ice cubes, maple syrup, cocoa powder, almond milk, a splash of vanilla and a smidge of salt. The blender quits on me when I add the frozen bananas, even if I chop them up first. I think I tried three times to coax it into performance. It's time for a new blender.

We were at a store yesterday and I walked down an aisle to check out prices and features of different blenders. Lanie was hopeful I'd get a new blender because she really loves that shake. She said it's making her miserable that we don't have a blender, and that I'm probably making myself miserable too and I just don't know it.

We're talking about the blender still, right?

It was good for a laugh.