Thursday, October 8, 2015


Someone is about to turn thirteen.

She has started a most verbal countdown.

"Seriously! Where did the time go? You were just a baby in my arms," I said.

For the longest time, I'd make her popovers for her birthday breakfast. We used to call them fluffy buns, a Pinky Dinky Do reference.

"This year," she whispered to me across the couch during a piano lesson, "I want bacon and coffee for my birthday."

"Bacon and coffee?" Me. Surprised. I laughed.

She laughed too.

"And for dinner ..."

"Make a list, tell me later."

Today, my brain is in a thick fog and all I want to do is sleep.

Creamy butternut bisque (made with coconut milk). Warm shawl around my shoulders. Eyelids heavy.

I didn't want to forget her request. From the mouth of the same girl who just told me she wanted to skip using her iPod today so she could ride scooters with her sister.

Monday, October 5, 2015

And still counting (7618-7663)

chocolate quinoa cake
birthday wishes

pumpkin pie with Lanie
birthday crashers singing a song
the sound of southbound geese
good friends
an apple slicer

and a big blue mug
their delight in giving
rainy days
wood to stack

His love in their silence

kind words and reminders
10 pounds and six inches gone
sweet potatoes
a gifted basket for a photo gig

a lesson in temptation
gluten-free biscuits with fig jam
naps on rainy days
a big mug of warmth
morning face time with Julie

Thursday through Sunday
read alouds with Erin
his favorite dried fruit snacks, found
zuppa toscana
flowers in a vase on the counter

socks on my feet
leaves changing
reasons for thank you notes
David on the phone
colorful mums around the patio

how she plays outside in the rain
Satsuma smells in the school room
a purple blanket after eight
these last weeks with a twelve-year-old
an unexpected visit from my dad and Linda

belated blankets
a hug with him
clothes shopping with Lanie
ice cream in a little dish
an old, cold house

a visit to a favorite library
lots of good memories
the library couches for a family selfie

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Cake for breakfast?

It is so, ahem, tempting, cake for breakfast.

Lisa and her kiddos birthday crashed me last night. Showed up with cake and singing. I cut slices for us, and then the first taste. Not only delicious.


Who would know it's made with quinoa?

Seriously, a show stopper. If I ever have to bring a dessert someplace--it's going to be this one.

Unforgettable Chocolate Quinoa Cake. 

And unforgettable friends.

some of our first friends when we moved out here--country neighbors

and there was some left over!


God had this day covered in love

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


I talked to Anita the other day on her actual birthday. I asked how she spent her day. Aside from spending time with her sister and brother-in-law who were in town, she cleaned out a closet.

"Stuff still needs to get done, bathrooms need to be cleaned, closets do too," she laughed.

My day started pretty similar. Up to fix Shane's lunch, just as my feet hit the floor, my mind awoke to it's my birthday! And I felt so happy.

Even though my Whole30 is over, I stayed true to myself this morning and drank my plain tea. I had Nora's awesome smoothie recipe with almond butter. I went to school to teach my class, but today I had a test scheduled. Oh the sound of pencils scratching on paper! The test took almost an hour and a half.

Lanie and I baked a pumpkin pie with a homemade gluten-free pie crust. How nice we did it together. How I am grateful to have her with me. It was so enjoyable. I said to her, "So, what did you end up getting me for my birthday?" And she left the room covering her ears.

"I'm not telling you!"

Lisa texted me that she's baking me a chocolate quinoa cake. It's cooling in her fridge right now.

Lanie texted me happy wishes while she was on her iPod time. And a selfie.

she was making a heart out of her hands

I have no idea what's for dinner. Definitely a salad.

And pie. 

(A long time ago, Sarah had us over for dinner on my birthday and made me a pumpkin pie. Many years later, Erica showed up at my door step with pumpkin pie for my birthday. When I eat pumpkin pie, it reminds me of them and good things. And today's, a gluten-free first, made with my daughter, further defines good things. Thanks, God.)