Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ducks in a row

Lanie starts ballet/tap next week. She loves to dance, and this will be her last term as a preschool dancer. It makes me wonder what interests she'll have as she gets older. Now, she loves to dance and draw. She even refers to herself as, "An artist. Just like our friend David."

This is also the countdown to school, in some respects. Maybe January seems a bit soon to be staring into the eyes of September, but it's really not. March is a big month for open houses. I've found three schools for us to check out, and it seemed stressful TO ME to check them out and wonder, "What if we don't get in? Will I miss out on one waiting on another?" Sage advice from a friend told me to apply to all of them, so that I'd at least be saved a spot for Lanie. Then make the final choice. Ok, so that takes some pressure off.

Lanie is doing well in math, and now has an official 24 words she can read. Good for her.

Erin shows an early love of books. And the telephone.

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