Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bye, bye baby

Shane was jubilant this weekend as he walked into the house after dismantling the infant carseat and replacing it with a forward-facing seat. I thought he would start dancing any minute. And he doesn't dance.

"Now we can get rid of this!" he said. Next on his list is the infant swing that's in our bathroom. He is thrilled with each piece of childhood he can purge from the house.

I, however, am not so thrilled. There are many things I don't mind parting with, even the four bags of 12-mos-and-under baby clothes in every shade of pink (altough I'm saving a few outfits that I thought were particularly adorable). But with every item that goes, it's like we're getting rid of this sweet childhood, that is already going by too fast for my liking.

Contrary to my desire to hold onto her infancy, Erin is excited to embrace being a big girl. She took her first ride in the forward-facing seat and it was almost like I could hear her saying, "Mom, this is awesome! I'm such a big girl."

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