Friday, March 14, 2008

The jumping game

I'm trying to help Lanie with learning words and getting ready to read. She's got quite a few sight words under her belt. To make learning fun, I created The Jumping Game. I wrote a word on a colored square. When I had about 30 words done, I laid the squares out about three wide and ten long with enough jumping space in between. She had to announce what word she was going to jump on before she got there. When she worked her way to the last row, she got to choose a prize (lollipop, jellybean, or blueberry muffin).

I told her if I were her, I'd choose the muffin.

She said, "Since I'm myself, I'll choose the lollipop!"

Ha! She picked blue raspberry.

(This game would work well with vocabulary words, math answers, states and capitals, presidents ... use your imagination!)

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