Thursday, March 20, 2008

There are worse(r) things ...

Changing a poopie diaper may not be glamorous, but sometimes it gives a good chuckle. I was chasing Erin down to change her poopie diaper. She runs off screaming and squealing, because apparently this is our thing. Lanie runs in to rescue her, "Don't worry, Erin! I'll save you!"

"I'm trying to save her from a poopie diaper," I say.

"There are worser things than diaper rash, Mommy," I'm told. "Like ... getting fired (as in hell) ... getting in hot lava (an abundance of that in these parts, you know) ... or getting sucked up by the vacuum cleaner."

At this point, I'm choking on stifled laughter. Thanks for the reality check, kiddo. You are very right. Sometimes, there are worser things!

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