Monday, April 21, 2008

All skate

Lanie asked me to teach her to roller skate. So on a recent trip to the store, I saw a pair of Barbie roller skates and decided now was as good a time as any for her to learn. She was thrilled. Fortunately, our basement isn't finished, which makes it the most fabulous place for indoor activities like bike riding, scootering and rollerskating during inclement weather. We'd practice here because it's also the only flat place in the neighborhood. I armored her up and explained, "You're going to fall. In fact, while you're learning to skate, you'll probably fall a lot and it's going to hurt. I just want you to be prepared for that. But it won't hurt that much and it won't hurt forever." I put on my rollerblades and off we went.

She did fall. And she howled and cried because it hurt. She said, "I wish they made pads for your bottom so it wouldn't hurt so much when you fall! And I wish the bottom pads would match the roller skates!"

Of course, stylish and practical. Didn't anyone else ever think of that?

The next night's practice, I held her hand and we skated together so she'd know what it was like to get a little speed in her wheels. She got all twisted up in her skates and fell down on her knees. But her knee pads took the impact and she didn't feel a thing, to her great delight. She called her dad down to witness her new abilities. I tried pitching my idea to him that a disco ball would be perfect to create our own Skate Land here for Lanie and her friends. He didn't agree.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Court! This is so nicely done! Thanks for sending me the blog again as I have been wanting to check it out. Love your picures..wish there were more. You all are looking beautiful as ever!

love ya,

Courtney said...

Hugs to you!

Thanks for swinging by!


ordinarymother said...

We learned to skate this year as well. sort of. our unfinished basement combined with really cold (for us new) ohio winters made the perfect impetus for get-the-energy-out roller skating. the boys did roller blades, of course. way too manly to don four wheeled boots. :) thanks for a fun peak into your world. I love how you love being a mom. it's so evident in your blog. :) thanks for the godly example of loving your children.