Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lemon of oz

Lanie had a dance recital this weekend, and afterward we had a small luncheon for family and close friends who might as well be family as they share some of the best parts of our lives. This was Lanie's third recital.

I was caught off guard by the simple sweetness of all the little dancers on stage. The group of little ones who danced in bouncy tutus to the song "I Can Sing a Rainbow"; those precious lives jumping and swaying with ribbons in hand to a tune that sounded like it was played on a tinny, tinkly child's piano. I couldn't stop my tears.

Another group of older girls performed to a song called "Walking Her Home" by Mark Schultz, a song that intentionally pulls at heart strings ... and because it's so obvious in its purpose, I never thought I'd let it tug at mine. But this time it caught me off guard as I imagined Lanie growing up so fast before my eyes. I sniffled and wiped my way through the performance.

Lanie's class was the last to perform. I felt like she was the only one on stage--I was so caught up in her moment. And at the very end, the slightest bow. My heart swelled. Good job, honey. I love being a mom to my girls; what a gift it is to me to witness these tender moments of their lives.

I made grilled chicken and salad for our luncheon, with a first-time attempt of Lemon Chiffon cake for dessert. The cake turned out ok, considering I messed the icing part up with too much lemon juice. Oh well. Lanie waited till the guests left to eat a slice of cake.

It received her seal of approval, "Mom, this is really good Lemon of Oz cake!"


Anonymous said...

What a good picture! (the windblown hair across Lanie's face). Thanks for posting it, and don't bother to post this comment/


Courtney said...

I'm glad you liked the picture. It's one of my favorites.