Saturday, May 31, 2008

Erin, obsessed

I can hardly get Erin past a window without her pointing outside and saying, "Sprinkler." It doesn't sound like that word, but I know it's what she means. Because when I tell her no, she has a meltdown. We enjoyed a few sunny days (I have the red shoulders to prove it) out in the yard, the girls loving the sprinkler. We had an extra fun day Friday with friends over. Erin was so captivated by the sprinkler, she stood there fully clothed while a playmate hosed her down with one of the funky sprinkler fingers (not the sprinkler pictured below). She was soaked from head to toe, shivering, and yet unable to move. She felt like a little icecube when she finally got out of the spell and came over to me.
When we got home from church tonight, it was nice enough to go out and play (after a day of rain and thunderstorms). Erin makes a break for the hose, and I told her we weren't going to bring out the sprinkler. She just lost it. It was no consolation to be able to play on the slide. If she couldn't have the sprinkler, then she didn't want any part of being outside. She immediately started crying, "Night, night!" And to bed she went. Probably to dream of sprinklers. Sweet dreams, my love.

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