Saturday, May 10, 2008


Last night as I was tucking Lanie in bed, she asked me about heaven and hell. She wanted to know where she would go when she dies. I asked her if she loves the Lord and she said, "Yes. I love the Lord the most." And so I told her she just needed to pray for his love in her heart and profess her desire to follow him, and she would be safe. She was unsure of the words to say. So I prayed with her and she repeated. It's hard to explain what I felt because I was mostly only aware of how serious this is. I felt like my heart was on fire as we prayed together.

There are some schools of thought where we should always direct our kids to the Lord, but hold off on their professing belief until they're much older. But in that moment last night, there was no way I was going to put her off. Was her profession of faith made because of the heaven and hell issue? That may have been part of it. But I see her in the day to day. I hear the songs she sings for the Lord. I hear her prayers to him behind closed doors. I know her love for him is true.

I told Shane what had happened. I never gave thought to the details this day would have and if we should be together as a family during her profession of faith. And knowing me, I would have tried to prepare something a bit more eloquent to pray. I'm not so good at speaking on the spot that way. Still, our simple prayer has significance.

Looks like there is much to celebrate this weekend!

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