Monday, May 5, 2008

Whatever happened to that other kid we have ...

You know, Erin? Well, Ann was quite concerned that there's barely a whisper of Erin's name on the site. Not to worry, Erin is healthy and fine. I don't write much about her because she's only (almost) seventeen months. Her vocabulary is pretty limited, as well as her abilities. But for anyone who is interested, here goes:

She loves her Noonoo blanket. She loves our cat, Rudy. In fact, Erin's first word was Mama, and her second word was Roos (Rudy). For awhile, she called everything either mama or roos. She can say some animal sounds and other words, but most are K and S sounds. She's got more teeth coming in. Loves to snack. Figured out how to take wrappers off of lollipops. She builds things and tears them down. She likes to run away from me when I tell her it's time to change her diaper. She loves to be outside and go from playset to patio again and again. She sings along to songs I've sung to her since she was a mere baby. She loves her bathtime and scurries up the stairs at the slightest mention of "splish, splash, splosh." I can get lost in her blue eyes ... they are speckled with white flecks that remind me of dandelion fuzz. She has brought immeasurable joy to our family.

So there you go, Ann. I blogged about Erin. Thanks for keeping me in check!

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