Friday, June 20, 2008

Super Surprise Friday

In celebration of summer, we (that's me) have instituted Super Surprise Friday. I started it today after protests of getting into the car before "Comfy Couch" was on PBS Kids. We had a playdate set up, but I hadn't told Lanie about it because I figured she'd be too excited to relax through our morning. I thought I'd save it as a surprise. I said, "We're going to the library. And then I have a surprise." That got a little action.

To build some more excitement I said, "How about every Friday this summer, we have a secret surprise? It could be a place, a thing, or an event. All we need to have is a good attitude going into it, and a thankful heart at the end of it." At least, that's the goal.

"Hurray!" cheered Lanie's little voice from the third row. We went berry picking yesterday with some friends, and the third row seating was still up. I let her sit in the way back: 1) because she thought it was so cool to do; 2) because that way she wouldn't be tempted to pick at her sister; 3) because I would be spared the whining symphony of the two of them picking at each other. Still, her voice seems so far away back there ... and I can't reach her to hold her hand at a red light.

Today's surprise was a visit to Ashlyn's house for impromptu pool swimming, lunch and cookies, hide and seek, and dress up. With lovely 80 degree weather and good friends, how could it not become a cherished childhood memory?

Some other ideas range from expensive (head to the ocean) to the cheap (ice cream at the mall). Sometimes it's how you wrap the gift that makes it special. So even a lunch at McDonald's can become something of a thrill as long as it's cloaked as a Super Surprise.

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