Friday, June 27, 2008

Super Surprise Friday

Note to self: Do not plan outdoor activities for SSF on Code Red days.
I didn't pay attention to the weather report last night. I got it in my head that a trip to the petting zoo would be a great idea for SSF. So after breakfast, we hit the road. When we get to the farm at 10 a.m., I hear a group in front of us remarking on code red weather today. That explains why the air is so thick and I'm already sweating!

I put on my best mommy smile and hoped that we would survive. First we wandered the grounds to look at the new exhibits (they had acquired some structures from the now defunct Enchanted Forest). That was kinda cool, though I could tell Lanie would have liked to tour the colorful homes of the forest. Sadly, they were off limits.
I knew we wouldn't be able to hide in the woods the whole time, and Erin would so love the animals. Now, three years ago, I took Lanie to this very zoo and she was terrified of the animals because they were: living, breathing, looking at her. I don't know why I expected things would change ... especially after last night's scream fest because she saw a lightning bug. But I hoped.
Erin adored the little goats and chickens. She was fascinated and probably would have stayed much longer. But Lanie was clutching my legs in total fear, fighting back her tears and beginning to whine because the heat was becoming too much. And she was right: the heat was stifling. We should have looked at the animals first. I snapped a few shots and we were out of there. Lanie's face was as red as the color of her pants. Erin's hair was plastered to her head. And I was grumpy. This after forty-five minutes.

So we sought refuge at the mall. After lunch, cooling off a bit, and a quick trip to the chocolate store, we called it a day. Well, Erin did. She's upstairs napping now.

Bravo, my little troopers. I promise that I will only do SSF trips for ice cream or swimming pools if the forecast is code red!

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