Friday, August 1, 2008

Super Surprise Friday

I didn't play up the surprise at all today. When our playdate plans cancelled this morning at 8 a.m., I figured that was fine. I did my household chores and our usual routine and just enjoyed being a mom of two. I casually mentioned that I had something in mind for SSF to Lanie and then changed the subject. I e-mailed Shane to see if he'd be interested in it and he was game.

After dinner, after clean up, after playing outside on the swing set, after Lanie changed into her pajamas, I said, "Is everyone ready for Super Surprise Friday?"

Lanie wondered if she needed shoes. And could she wear pajamas? I said yes to both.

Now this was kind of a repeat surprise, but we did it at bedtime (after 8 p.m.), in pajamas (well, Lanie was in p.j.'s), and Shane came along ... so it was changed up enough. We went to Jimmie Cone and got ice cream. Lanie got a strawberry soft serve with rainbow sprinkles, Erin got a vanilla cone, and Shane got something called a Flurry with Heath bar candy bits in it. I just licked Erin's to make sure it didn't melt all over her. It was a fun night.

And now both girls are tucked in and asleep.


Anonymous said...

Love that Erin picture! PETE

Courtney said...

Hey Pete,

Thanks! Welcome back!