Saturday, October 18, 2008

The cost of vanity

So, Erin snapped my seven-year-old glasses in half a couple of weeks ago, and in a mad rush I took my husband and kids to the mall to get another pair.

I got a flexible kind of daily glasses, and a really hot pair of sunglasses. If I could wear the sunglasses all the time and not look odd, I would. But the daily ones, we weren't so thrilled with. I wanted the flexible kind for obvious reasons--but that really limited my selection. Luckily, the store had a 30-day no-questions-asked return policy. So we got them.

Shane didn't care for them after looking at me for about an hour.

Most other people didn't notice them.

The ones who did were polite.

But Denise, she rocked me with, "They're ok for the business world, but you should have something else for being a mom." Along those lines. And I thought, yeah, I feel like a stuffy suit without the suit. I want something that reflects being a happy mom of two kids who enjoys chocolate, long walks through the neighborhood and all the other fun stuff I get to do.

So today, we loaded everyone up and went back to the mall. We went to a different store and I tried on a wide selection of rimless glasses. Nothing was jumping out at me. I even tried on Sarah Palin's style. It looks great on her. Me, not so much. Then a woman came in the store just raving over her frames and how perfect and lightweight they are and practical for a mother of four boys. I looked at the sales guy, who pointed to another case.

We immediately found something I liked for my face and Shane liked to look at. So down to the first store to return my glasses. Back to the other store to push the sale through. But then, they delivered the punchline ... I mean, I know they were being serious, but I just had to laugh anyway. The glasses won't be ready for about two weeks. And they cost a million dollars.

"I'm not paying a million dollars," I said, thinking of the million things I have scheduled this week, and the pair of glasses I had that are now sitting in a return tray in another store.

"I'm sure there's something we can do," the manager said.

"Well, what can you do?" I ask. My children are fussing. We are done at this point. It would be another weekend before I could even think of trying on more frames. And now I'm left with wearing my very awesome and hot sunglasses all week long. This part is not so bad.

After some negotiating, I got it down to half a million dollars and half of the cost of the lenses. They threw in a rush order and some warranties against two year olds and democrats. I put down my deposit and we were out the door.

So yes, you will see me out and about looking very stylish in sunglasses: rain, shine, or night. And yes, vanity doesn't come cheap. It costs half a million dollars. Give or take.


Sharon said...

Glasses make such a difference (for better or worse) in one's appearance. Post a picture, if you can! Happy Monday!!!

Courtney said...

I'll post a picture as soon as they're in!

Hope you had a great day too!

(As an aside, no offense to my democrat friends about the warranty. Just pokin' fun.)