Saturday, October 25, 2008


I gave Lanie an old college composition notebook I had. I had barely used it and tore out the pages I wrote on. She thought this was really great. I told her she could draw pictures in it and write her own story book. She worked in this book in secret all summer long. From time to time she would invite a friend up to her room to show pages to, sometimes letting the friend add a little something to it.

There were days, too, when I'd send Lanie to her room for a time out, and as I'd walk past her doorway, there she sat at her work table, hunched over this book, working away.

Finally, a day came when she was ready to unveil it. She had colored every single page, front and back. Inside it, she wrote a story about pirates, princesses, and all things Mommy and Lanie.

"This is for you, Mommy," she said with halo grin. "I can read a page to you every night after we read Bible stories."

My heart was touched. She let me turn through the pages. Indeed, there were pirates and princesses. But mostly throughout the book were pictures of Mommy and Lanie. And written so carefully on nearly every page were these words "I love Mommy."

She wrote a book. For me. Dedicated to me. About us (except for the pirate part, unless I'm forgetting some stuff ... or I'm the pirate ... ???). And full of love.

I wish that I could offer up my own work so well. "This is for you, Lord" in all that I do in service and in thought. Lanie, you teach me so many valuable things!

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