Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Erin, a little girl

What Erin's up to:

She turned 22 months in October. She runs, dances, tries to jump. She climbs fearlessly. She goes easily to church group, gym daycare, friends' houses. She doesn't like to shop in mommy stores. She's in love with Bob the Tomato from VeggieTales. She's also got a thing from Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba. I think she identifies most with Widget and Bob the Builder (although we only have Bob the Builder books). Yesterday I talked to Lanie's kindergarten teacher about how she's doing ... Erin played in the class playroom. She went immediately to the tool bench and started hammering away, bypassing kitchen sets and girl stuff. When Shane hung up a lovely canopy in Lanie's room, Erin barely gave it a glance and headed straight for Shane's power tools. It's so fun to see interests developing at such a young age. And it looks like I've also lost my chances for having a helper in the kitchen!
Erin has a lot to say. She's got great manners and says: please, thank you, excuse me and bless you. She is quick to apologize and give hugs if she's hurt someone (read: Lanie). She loves to cuddle, nesting herself in my lap to watch a show or read a book. And she often falls asleep snuggled up against me. She plays with Play-doh, loves the play set outside, and puzzles. She is convinced she can walk downstairs without have to sit-and-scootch. I am glad the staircase isn't a straight drop and has a landing in the middle! I often find myself looking away from her as she tests her limits. With Lanie, I hovered. With Erin, I have to let her test herself. She stopped calling her blanket Noonoo and calls it Blanky. She is growing up too fast. She may very well be the last child I have, and there's such a deep sadness for me in that. While I'm glad beyond measure to have this little girl, it's sad for me to think that her firsts are my lasts.

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