Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cold hands, warm hearts

Yesterday the flakes flew, much to Lanie and Erin's delight. In fact Lanie, who almost always complains of cold at having to walk down the dairy aisle at the store, was the first to suggest going out to play in the snow.

"It's flurries, honey," I said. "There's nothing on the ground to play in."

"That's ok," she said. "I just want to run around in them."

At 8 a.m.

So, at 8:20 a.m., we went outside. They took off like horses from the gate.

"Snow, catch!" Erin said. She spun around and fiercely swatted the flakes. After five minutes, we were all freezing. We went back in to get gloves (oops, oversight in the thrill of running through flurries), at Lanie's insistance. Gloves, hats, Erin wanted nothing to do with them. So Lanie played solo for a while. She came in requesting hot chocolate. Which she generally prefers cold. But yesterday was a first for her, and she drank it warm. All of it, warm. This was a big deal, and she wanted to tell Shane about it herself when he came home from work.

My dinner lettuces were funky, so I had to make a 6:30 p.m. run to the grocery store. I took Erin with me. Lanie played while Shane ran on the treadmill. It was cold and blustery outside, but the sky was so very clear.

"Look at all the stars, Erin," I said, holding her close and pointing to the sky.

"Stars," she said, reaching high. "Reach it!"

Sweet, sweet children. Your simple joys reach deep inside me. Cold night, cold hands, warm hearts, full hearts.


5intow said...

Such a sweet word picture. I love the way children put color back into the world around us that had grown so grey.

Thanks for sharing!

Courtney said...

Good insight, Erin. That's just what they do.

jodie said...

I couldn't believe how well Erin could sing the Veggie Tale theme song! She was absolutely adorable!She is definitely a Veggie addict!

Courtney said...

Hey Jodie! Were you at church last night? I didn't see you. As we were dropping Erin off, Shane said she immediately went over to play and had VeggieTale puppets on her hands. She is an addict.