Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The contenders for this year's Christmas card

Technology makes making things so easy. Generally, we do a photo holiday card. But children's original artwork is nice too. I'm going to order our cards this week. Like Saturday. Or maybe even Friday. So if you get a minute, even if you don't care, even if you aren't on my Christmas mailing list ... could you take a vote for one of these:
Lanie's Christmas Angel:

Or a photocard of Erin and Lanie:

Thanks. Just leave your pick in the comments section. You too, Christy.


Karen said...

The angel is sweet...but the faces are the winner hands down. What a great photo!

Courtney said...

Doris emailed me to say photocard. Thanks, Doris!

jodie said...

Definitely photo. Your girls are just waaaaay toooooo cute!

Anonymous said...

Neither one!! I would put a *family* photo on the card, showing all four of you. You are a family you know, not just your kids. Then I would put the individual artwork & photos in the Christmas letter. With Word it's simple.

You might want to have each child dictate her portion of the letter. We did that, and the comments are priceless! No editing allowed!


Courtney said...

I would love to do a family shot like last year. Shane doesn't want to do family shots. He's much happier with one of the kids.