Friday, November 28, 2008

In the details

I felt as though I needed gentle lighting for our Thanksgiving table. So the night before Thanksgiving I ran out to Home Goods and found some really sweet crackle glass lanterns and pillar candles. And while I was there, they had teacups on sale. But not just any teacup. They had turkeys on them. In the details. On clearance. And perfect for serving up Butternut Bisque.

This year's menu featured:

Lanie and I spent the morning cutting out mini turkey and pumpkin shapes in the pie crust. We baked them for a few minutes to make the perfect dipping utensil for the pumpkin pie dip. Delicious.

The bisque ... that was a last minute choice at the store because my original plan of roasted zucchini and red onions fell through at the sorry sad condition of the zucchinis. What a relief! This soup was so delightful and smooth that I helped myself to it at lunch before the guests came and then at dinner ... and would happily eat it without so much a second glance at any other side. Except maybe the stuffing. I think it tasted so good because I used the fresh thyme from Denise's garden that she generously shared with me. Again, details.

I packaged up take-home gift bags for our guests of cranberry bread, pumpkin bread, and pumpkin pie dip. I traced out leaves from our backyard onto fall colored paper and cut them out, gluing them to the bag. Topping off with orange tissue paper. Festively written "Happy Thanksgiving" across each leaf. I didn't send home leftover plates this year as the meat market announced they were shorted for beastly turkeys, so I was offered up a skinny, weaker cousin: a seven pound breast. Boo, meat market!

Cloth napkins in sugared cranberry napkin rings. Turkey themed teacups. Gentle, crackled glass lighting. And the words: joy, peace, love, displayed around the kitchen. Some fruit from the Spirit. And all the details that made up a lovely holiday.

Of course, let's not forget the jelly sandwich for Lanie since she won't eat turkey. When I told Shane I was making butternut bisque, he said, "I'll eat a jelly sandwich too." Now I see where Lanie gets it ... I hope all the little details of your day yielded a rich and satisfying holiday.

Tomorrow: Valley View Farms.

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