Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Opposites attract

Don't look so surprised. I haven't been able to get these plates off my mental wish list since I saw them. And when I saw that they were on sale for 30% off, what choice did I really have? You don't have to answer that.

I broke it gently to my husband the other night ...
"I know you said no frivolous spending ..." I humbly began.
His face fell. Like I had taken on the national debt. So I hurried in, "But I got the 12 Days of Christmas salad plates. I DIDN'T GET THE COORDINATING DINNER PLATES! And the salad plates were on sale! I used my mad money."
He continued to stare me down. I waited.
"These plates are an idol to you," he said.
I laughed out loud. I didn't even know he knew church speak, and here he goes like its his native tongue. I have to say I was rather shocked, but pleasantly so, despite the reprimand.
"I'm not worshipping the plates," I argued.
"But you haven't been able to stop thinking about them."
I prefer my girlfriend's approach to the topic, and I anonymously quote, "I do think that God wants us to enjoy beauty and hospitality."
Yes, my sister. I tend to agree more with you. Because if I left things up to my husband, we'd still have white walls, no pictures in the house, and not a single speck of character to adorn any countertop or shelf. There'd also be no cozy Christmas luncheon or cookie swap.
What does one do when one's spiritual gifts are in direct opposition with the husband's personality? How does one offer hospitality and its trimmings when a spouse prefers solitude and white salad plates? I've found many ways around it, actually, so there is a way. It's an interesting topic for another day. I'm sure I'm not the first whose "opposites attract" marriage has brought on complications with spiritual giftings.
Hasn't anyone written a book on this yet? A book that I can buy in 2010 after my self-imposed, yearlong book buying boycott is over?
The plates arrived today. They were packaged in a cute little matching drum box with golden cord. I opened the box carefully, and the plates were more beautiful in person (actually I saw them yesterday at the mall, under the exquisite trademark Williams-Sonoma magical lighting). Ahh.
Two turtle doves; it's two turtle doves.
And a partridge in a pear tree.
(Sorry for the ugly massive block of copy; blogger will not let me break my paragraphs up.)


Katie @ Heart Gone Walking said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Love the line about God wanting us to enjoy beauty. Enjoy the plates! They look spectacular!

Courtney said...

I read the post to my husband (he doesn't often read me if it's more than two paragraphs long) and he said, "People are going to think I was serious!"

But seriously, he is pretty reclusive! I love taking him out of his comfort zone.