Saturday, December 27, 2008

Stills of a Christmas season

Ornament shopping, tree decorating, a birthday to celebrate. Cookies to make, parties to attend, a coffee, a pageant and home schooling. Cookie swap, cozy lunch, hot chocolate with whipped cream in a mug. Just words and images that bump and jiggle and work together to make a season that's full of family, fun, sweet anticipation and thankfulness.

Annual ornament shopping; lunch at Wegman's--modest husband; cookies as big as my hand

Erin with stockings on her feet; Tigger in a box; selecting ornaments

Santa on the fire truck; icy morning; Christmas placemat in morning sun

lunch box; happy girl; trying to decide which movie to watch

stocking; sugar daze from eating gingerbread tree; new reader

Our nativity set; pretty package; very good hot chocolate

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