Thursday, April 24, 2008

Approaching mother's day

I never knew that I would love being a mom as much as I do. If I had know it was this good, I would have married sooner and had a bigger family. Families in shows like "Jon and Kate plus 8" and "Kids by the Dozen" make sense to me. And when I meet a mom of four or more, I don't think she's nuts for having them ... I think she's lucky.

I consider myself pretty lucky, too.

Monday, April 21, 2008

All skate

Lanie asked me to teach her to roller skate. So on a recent trip to the store, I saw a pair of Barbie roller skates and decided now was as good a time as any for her to learn. She was thrilled. Fortunately, our basement isn't finished, which makes it the most fabulous place for indoor activities like bike riding, scootering and rollerskating during inclement weather. We'd practice here because it's also the only flat place in the neighborhood. I armored her up and explained, "You're going to fall. In fact, while you're learning to skate, you'll probably fall a lot and it's going to hurt. I just want you to be prepared for that. But it won't hurt that much and it won't hurt forever." I put on my rollerblades and off we went.

She did fall. And she howled and cried because it hurt. She said, "I wish they made pads for your bottom so it wouldn't hurt so much when you fall! And I wish the bottom pads would match the roller skates!"

Of course, stylish and practical. Didn't anyone else ever think of that?

The next night's practice, I held her hand and we skated together so she'd know what it was like to get a little speed in her wheels. She got all twisted up in her skates and fell down on her knees. But her knee pads took the impact and she didn't feel a thing, to her great delight. She called her dad down to witness her new abilities. I tried pitching my idea to him that a disco ball would be perfect to create our own Skate Land here for Lanie and her friends. He didn't agree.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Be in the hug

We had a good laugh in the kitchen today, grabbing a lingering hug while the girls ran around. I said to my man, "Are you thinking about how warm and snuggly your woman feels in your arms, or are you thinking about everything you have to do? Like, cleaning up the basement or doing something manly in the garage?"

"Yes," he said. Dodger. "What about you? Are you thinking: I've got to call Pete; I've got to blog something; I've got to raise Christian kids (see now reading); I've got to make more piles!"

He's a funny guy, that man. We had a good laugh over what he thinks runs through my mind.

"Oh, just be in the hug," I said.

Friday, April 18, 2008

My card will read: Mommy, bee slayer

If you happen to walk by our house on any given day this spring and hear terrified screams, please don't be alarmed. Lanie has either caught the cat looking at her, or she's spotted a bee in the house.

I warned her on the first warm day of spring that bees were waking up to do their jobs, and that we'd probably see quite a few of them this season. To further prepare her for this insect onslaught, we took a trip to the library and checked out a book on wasps and one on honeybees, along with mandatory piggie and wolf reading materials. She looked at the pictures all the way home, telling me what she thought a bee's life was like.

"Look, Mommy, this one's smiling." Now that can't be so bad, can it?

Well, an angry bee was in our house yesterday. And with two-story ceilings, you can imagine how difficult my job was to coax it down. But I got lucky. It didn't; it met a twisted fate in the kitchen window blinds with a fly swatter and a shoe. Lanie hid, terrified, in the bathroom, until I gave her the all-clear. Then the dam broke as she shrieked and cried how she hates bees. Not more than ten minutes later, she spots another one! I saved that kill for her dad.

And while I was shaking the duster out at the back door this morning, Lanie warns me, "Mommy, close that door or you'll let a bee in!" And as I was telling her not to worry, wouldn't you know. One of those tricky wasps flew right in ... almost in my hair! Lanie ran shrieking into the bathroom (now known as the Panic Room) to close herself in.

I explained to one of Lanie's friends yesterday that blowing bubbles is part of a mommy's job description. Apparently, so are insect kills. It's in the smaller print at the end.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

This is kind of gross; read at your own risk

You'd think by my posts that things at this house are very sweet. And full of wonderful rainbow events and precious sayings. In short, by some standards, perfect ... and by other standards, boring. But there is a darker side to this story that I've never mentioned.

My five year old can be really gross. As I was changing the sheets in her room last night, I noticed the wall by the top of the bed was bespeckled. "Lanie," I call, "Are you putting boogies on your wall?!"

Lanie: "Yes. I'm sorry. I forgot I wasn't supposed to."

To make the punishment fit the crime, she will clean them off with a sponge today!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lemon of oz

Lanie had a dance recital this weekend, and afterward we had a small luncheon for family and close friends who might as well be family as they share some of the best parts of our lives. This was Lanie's third recital.

I was caught off guard by the simple sweetness of all the little dancers on stage. The group of little ones who danced in bouncy tutus to the song "I Can Sing a Rainbow"; those precious lives jumping and swaying with ribbons in hand to a tune that sounded like it was played on a tinny, tinkly child's piano. I couldn't stop my tears.

Another group of older girls performed to a song called "Walking Her Home" by Mark Schultz, a song that intentionally pulls at heart strings ... and because it's so obvious in its purpose, I never thought I'd let it tug at mine. But this time it caught me off guard as I imagined Lanie growing up so fast before my eyes. I sniffled and wiped my way through the performance.

Lanie's class was the last to perform. I felt like she was the only one on stage--I was so caught up in her moment. And at the very end, the slightest bow. My heart swelled. Good job, honey. I love being a mom to my girls; what a gift it is to me to witness these tender moments of their lives.

I made grilled chicken and salad for our luncheon, with a first-time attempt of Lemon Chiffon cake for dessert. The cake turned out ok, considering I messed the icing part up with too much lemon juice. Oh well. Lanie waited till the guests left to eat a slice of cake.

It received her seal of approval, "Mom, this is really good Lemon of Oz cake!"

Monday, April 7, 2008

How do you define love?

Lanie tells me that our hearts are bound together by daisy chains, and then covered in chocolate with pretty things stuck on it. It's a wonderful definition of love.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Yesterday was such a beautiful day that the kiddos and I spent a good chunk of the afternoon outside (as it should be on sunny, mild days). We played at the playset, tromped around the yard and made chalk art on the driveway. And as the official papparazzo in this family, I took about 117 pictures of the kids. I love my digital camera.

Nine years

Happy anniversary, man.

Lanie came into my bedroom this morning saying, "Mommy, it's your wedding day!"

We hadn't planned on celebrating this year. But so many friends have given me (good) grief about it, that I'm going to go out and get something special for dinner (turkey sausage with peppers and onions is his favorite) and a nice dessert. And maybe some flowers for myself.