Thursday, January 22, 2009

Comfort me

After a day of clear liquid fasting, my mind was jumping ahead to what my next real meal would be. Well, it was a sorry little ham and cheese sandwich on pumpernickel, but that night for dinner I made some comfort food.

Roast chicken
steamed carrots
and my new favorite comfort food: butter and herb noodles

Butter and herb noodles

1 pkg egg noodles (don't skimp and get those wimpy No Yolks, use the real thing)
4 tbs butter (to start, you can always add more)
salt and pepper

Cook noodles according to package directions. Then, after you drain them, return them to the pot, add butter and fresh thyme and parsley, salt and pepper (this really should be to taste. I like lots of herbs, so I grab a handful of each--I'm assuming you know to take the little thyme leaves off their twigs and chop up parsley).

It was so good, I made the noodles again last night. I could eat them as a meal. For more comfort food ideas, visit Life as Mom.


Lynn said...

This sounds really good and easy. Thanks.

Courtney said...

Good. Easy. Yummi-est. Enjoy!

FishMama said...

Always great to "see" you, Courtney! Thanks for linking. Sounds good on this cloudy, rainy day.