Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Good morning

I managed to fall into another sound sleep about 1 a.m. I don't even remember Shane kissing me goodbye this morning.

Lanie climbs into bed at 0'dark-hundred because of a nightmare.

Erin woke at 7 a.m. to tears and pleadings for juice. We're up.

Fix Life cereal for Erin, which she later spills on the floor and tramples with her shoes on.

Clean mess. Bump kids' table, knocking off container of crayons into the cereal mess I'm sweeping up. Crayons and cereal crumbs everywhere. Grumbling at chocolate that made my hips so big.

Put on VeggieTales at Erin's request. Lanie is off doing things in her room.

Erin needs mom. Let's fingerpaint! Get out supplies. Get out cards--to make colorful handprints as thank-you notes for Erin's birthday gifts before a month is up. And because two is skipping by without a video camera, or a scrapbook. Must preserve this moment.

Lanie and Erin paint. Then I try to get Erin to get her hand covered in paint for the prints. She protests. Screams. Cries. This is supposed to be fun! We're making memories. (Bad ones, apparently.)

Clean child off. Comfort with blanky and juice cup. Rock in kitchen chair. Resist urge to cram face with chocolate.

It's not even 10 a.m. and I feel like I'm out of tricks. Luckily, other moms have sent me a few on Facebook. Lifeline. Snowflakes. Let it snow!

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