Thursday, January 15, 2009

Show me that smile again

Lanie's tooth has been wiggly for quite awhile. She's been eagerly waiting for it come out. Yesterday, after breakfast she said, "Mom, my tooth came out!" And there it was. So tiny. I thought back to when she was such a little one cutting that tooth for the first time. And now it's out. And soon a big adult tooth will be there. It's her first official loose/lost tooth. (The horrifying extraction over the summer doesn't count as the milestone for losing teeth. It just counts as a milestone for horrible experiences.)

Congratulations, Lanie! You sure are growing up.

She probably would have liked to take it to school to show her friends at show and tell, but I kept her home as she got a stomach bug on Tuesday. (We homeschool three days a week, and she goes to a homeschool school two days a week.)


Anonymous said...

So will the tooth fairy come tonight, or do you not do that?

That's a cute picture of no-tooth Lanie!


Courtney said...

I try not to play up the tooth fairy, but she put the tooth under her pillow in anticipation for a dollar. I put the dollar under her pillow last night. She got up today and questions me point blank, "Mom, is there really a tooth fairy?" I'm such a terrible liar. I said, "What do you think?" That's my answer for questions I don't want to answer.