Sunday, February 8, 2009


Erin's learning her colors. She knows many of the words and lumps them all together in one big rainbow: yellowgreenblueblackpurplebrown. The other day, I worked on colors with her with M&Ms, and that seemed to result in the most progress than anything else. She gets to eat one every time she gets its color right. Double bonus is that she is now following in a legacy of love for chocolate. Just warms the heart.
I'm inspired to go through my pictures of the kids and create a color photobook of them.
Like white (and the cutest shoes that had disaster written all over them),
yellow (sprinkled with cherries and dappled in sunshine over barefeet),
green (acres of lawn and the littlest girl),
blue (chalk on the driveway and on our faces),
and red (I think it's her color).
I know a woman who once spoke of someone special to her as making her world suddenly have color. Now I know what she means.

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