Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cut-out cookie

Saturday was a very lovely day. We made cookies: homemade from scratch chocolate heart cookies (the easiest recipe ever).

And sugar cookies with sprinkles (store-bought dough rolled out, sprinkled, stamped. I have yet to find the most-awesome sugar cookie cut-out recipe).
The kids helped shake on sprinkles. I did the cutting out and baking. Then, we delivered. Fun afternoon. I'm so proud of Lanie that she was happy to give without expectation of receiving.
Other highlights: while Lanie was at dance, Erin and I took the car to a carwash. She talked about it all day long, into dreamland and again this morning over breakfast. Last night after church, we came home to snow flurries. The kids stood in the dark, giggling, with tongues out to catch flakes. Then we went in the house for popcorn and cuddles.
Lovely. Just lovely.


jodie said...

Love your new pics! And I can testify...the chocolate cookies are AWESOME!

Courtney said...

Glad you liked them! I have eaten way more than I should.

Karen said...

Yummy! I almost told Katy they were all gone before they actually were. Good thing Sarah doesn't care for chocolate...because I never could have shared them three ways!

Courtney said...

I think there's another bag for you at school that Mrs. G is holding, per Lanie, since they didn't have SL Monday. This can be our little secret!