Saturday, February 14, 2009

Little hearts

Lanie and I spent part of our school day yesterday writing out Valentines for friends. (She celebrates at the academy on Monday.) But this morning, she totally surprised me. She crawled into bed with me sometime in the middle of the night and slept snuggled up by my side. Then I recall around 6:30 she got up. I figured she was going to start getting ready for today's dance lesson. Several minutes later, I feel her tap, tap at my side and she's standing next to me holding out a Valentine for me. And she had one for Erin, who was still snoozing away. She ran and made another one for her dad, and our day was started. With love.

Shane asked me quietly, "Did you guys work on Valentines yesterday?"

"Yes, but only for friends. She did these on her own."

I gave the girls the cards I had for them, and they each got a little plastic heart that had some candies in it. Erin tore into it right away, the card and the candies. I thought we were all done with the fun, when Erin takes her turn to surprise me. She walks up to me holding one of her candies and says, "For you, Mama."

She took two more candies and handed them out to Shane and Lanie.

"For you, Dada. For you, Lanie."

(And then she gave me one more, because mamas are really special.)

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