Wednesday, February 4, 2009


It's official: we're sick. Lanie's episodes lasted through the night and today she's feverish. She has been able to keep down Gatorade and a piece of toast (that I had to disguise with butter and a few orange sprinkles). She has managed to keep it down and is feeling a bit better, despite the 102.7 temps.

Erin is perky and bouncy and enjoyed sprinkled bread too. Her fever is 100.7 and she hasn't thrown up. She is probably fighting a different foe.

Shane woke early this morning and was spared participation in last night's vomit-fest. He saw the Resolve on the counter.

"What happened?" he asked.

"You can read about it on the blog," I said. Not that he reads me.

"Did you get it up?" he asked of the vomit on Lanie's bedroom carpet.

"Pretty well," I said, avoiding his eyes. He is the master of stain removal. This is not my forte, and his questioning eye is aware that I am a weak apprentice. "You have to get that up before the stain sets in."

"I sprayed! I waited! I blotted!" I offered in my defense.

"Sometimes, when that isn't enough, you really have to get in there and scrub," he says. I always thought scrubbing was bad ... that you have to blot ... too many steps too early in the morning!

"I spared you. I considered waking you up so you could clean it. Because this is your thing, not mine. But I let you sleep," I smiled weakly. He smiled back and kissed me goodbye.

We are housebound today. And tomorrow.


Beckie said...

Oh Courtney...sorry to hear about your wee ones! How strange that we just bought Shaggy's Cool Punch yogurt this week for the first time. Fortunately, no pink stained carpet here. Good Luck with the stain removal process! Will keep you in our prayers for a speedy recovery for Lanie & Erin and that you & Shane will remain healthy.

Courtney said...

No wonder Lanie and Olivia are best buddies. They love the same yogurt! Thanks for your prayers. I keep wondering if I'm getting a sore throat or my tummy's weird. Ah, the pre-illness paranoia ...

Beckie said...

I always imagine I have the same ailment my current sick kid is experiencing. The imagination is a wild thing sometimes. I woke up last night convinced I had strep throat, but come morning, I realized it was just dry.