Friday, February 20, 2009

Random Erin

Erin has mastered her M&Ms. I mean, her colors. I've picked up board books at the library to reinforce this new knowledge. We still review with M&Ms. Lanie stands at my side with her hand out too. Chocolate for everyone!

Erin calls waffles awfuls. Every sentence she says begins with Mommy. When she gets out of bed, she brings things downstairs she thinks I might need: like my bottled water, a book I left upstairs, my shoes.

She cuddles into me at bedtime and naptime. Throughout the night, she will seek me out. I love to fall asleep to the rhythmic sound of her breathing.

She is definitely more assertive than her sister: pulls hair, hits and punches. Punching is a newly acquired skill she decided to demonstrate in front of an audience at reading time at the library last Tuesday. When the librarian brought around the owl puppet to give cuddles, Erin yells, "No!" and makes a punch for the owl. Fortunately, no one was harmed.

She's speaking in more complete sentences instead of breathy word combos. She calls my friends on my cell phone. She knows how to turn on my computer and bring up the blue error screen. I have no idea how much information she has deleted from my hard drive. We have put a child lock on the office double doors so she can't get in.

She loves sit in laps and let us read to her. She occasionally takes the books and reads them to her dolls. I love her heart and her desire to make things right when she has hurt someone (Lanie). She sings songs to me that I used to sing to her when she was a baby. She's such a big girl now at two. And, sadly, her feet are too big for those cutie-pie shoes.

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jodie said...

I LOVE this age. It is so sad when they pass it.