Sunday, March 1, 2009

Around the house

Shane snapped this picture of me and Lanie the other day. It's hard for me to believe that she's officially a full-fledged reader. Fortunately, she still enjoys having me read to her.

Erin also likes reading and playing dolls and some typical girlie stuff, but from very early on we knew she had a special thing for tools. Yesterday, I entertained her for a bit while Shane was replacing the garbage disposal under the sink. At some point, I stuck my nose in a book and Erin took off. Then I hear Shane having a conversation with her. She had parked herself as close as she could get to him and his tools and was intently watching what he was doing.

I'm amazed when I can see talents and interests in my kids at such a young age. In all seriousness, at just past two, when Lanie could hold a crayon in her hand, she was drawing very obvious people figures. It's her gift, and perhaps a calling, for her to be artistic.

Erin, from much younger than two, has been interested in tools and how things work. I remember a project Shane was working on. The girls and I went to admire the finished product, but Erin barely gave it a glance and took off to check out the toolbox Shane had left on the floor.

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