Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mama, fix it?

My dear friend Denise got Lanie some really great books at Christmas. They're like I Spy, but called Can You See What I See? Erin has decided they are hers. She is especially fond of the pages that are covered in cookies and candies. She and Shane read these books together nearly every night and she decides who is allowed which treat. Funny that the answers are the same every night.

In recent days, she has brought these books to me on several occasions for a little doctoring.

"Mama, fix it?" she holds the pages out to me. Lucky for us that scotch tape can handle the job because my fix-it skills can be quite limited beyond that. Especially if anything requires sewing (Bun Bun the bunny is still missing his ear going on six months now).

These books are nearly held completely together with tape. Thank you, Denise, for gifts my kids just adore.

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