Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Another reason why "Good Guy" is never far behind

I've been planning to start interval training. I envision this: taking a walk with the kids in the stroller--or Lanie on the bike--and at the end of each street in our neighborhood, I'd whip out my jump rope and jump for as long as I can. Then resume walking until the next end of the street.

Well, I have put part of this plan in action. The walking part. I don't have a jump rope and have been meaning to get to Dick's Sporting Goods to pick one up. I could probably find one at Wal-mart, but it seemed sportier to get it at a sporting goods store. The short: I haven't had time to drive the half hour to get there. Believe me, though, pushing two kids in a stroller (all probably totalling 100 pounds) up hill is hard work.

So last night Shane comes home from work and I notice he's got a Dick's Sporting Goods bag in his hand. I was seriously bent out of shape.

"Why didn't you tell me you were going there? I've wanted to get there for a long time and get a jump rope," the grumblefuss in me started.

He greeted the kids, even gave my sour lips a kiss hello. Then he says, "Let me show you what I got."

He takes out the gloves he bought for his heavy bag. Yeah, yeah, it's all about you, buddy, isn't it? I thought.

Then he pulls out two more packages. One is a kids' jump rope. The other is an adult's jump rope. Because he is such a Good Guy, he didn't make me feel bad for thinking my snarky thoughts. The kind of guy that when you have to eat crow, he'll pull up a chair next to you and keep you company so you don't notice how bad it tastes.

Good Guy. Lucky girl.


jodie said...

Oh and...great story. How was the crow?

Courtney said...

Quite filling, thanks for asking.