Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Daddy can do it

We have a cat. She was my cat before I married Shane, and she became his cat shortly after Lanie was conceived when the doctor told me not to clean the litter box. Nuff said. Shane has kept that job ever since, lucky me. Lanie doesn't have much to do with cats or any other living creature for that matter, be it worm, fly, frog or dog. In fact, dogs terrify her. In our neighborhood, people buy dogs as big as their kids. It's intimidating for a little person like Lanie to have something whose teeth are your eye level charging right at you.

There was only one dog she did like, and it belonged to a new family across the street. The dog was seventeen years old and blind. He barely moved. When he died, Lanie was sad because she liked him. I thought that was funny, because you'd never know by her actions that she liked him. She stayed as far away from him as she could. Lanie said that if she ever gets a dog, she's going to get a blind one.

She's been talking more and more about dogs lately. Sometimes I think it would be fun to have a dog in the house ... except that I'm allergic to them. Lanie says when she grows up, the first pet she's going to get is a dog. And if she wants another pet, she'll get another dog.

I explain that if she gets a dog, I won't be able to visit her because I'm allergic to dogs.

"I'll put it out when you come over," she offers. I explain how dog smells left in the house can be just as bad as the real dog to people who are allergic.

"Why don't we have a dog?" she asks. Allergy message not getting through.

"Well ... I'm allergic to them. And dogs are a lot of work. You have to take them out several times a day ... like four ... so they can wee wee and poop. And if it's raining or snowing, you'll be out in the rain and snow with them; then you have to clean their paws before they come in so they don't get the carpet dirty. And then if they poop in someone else's yard, you have to clean it up." (Ok, so I should be encouraging her interest in dogs, instead of calling out all the unpleasantries. I see I am only reinforcing her dislike of dogs--bad mommy. But really, I see where this could go and I don't want the added responsibility. And I'm allergic to dogs.)

"What if they poop in my yard?" she asks.

"Then you'll have to clean it up too. Because you wouldn't want your kids stepping in it or playing in it."

"Fine. I'll get a cat," she says.

"Yeah, cat's are easier. You can just open the door and out they go. And you can clean the litter box once a week."

"Why would I do that?" she asks. "Daddy can do it!"


Beckie said...

Too funny!

Chloe desperately wants a dog & I always point out how much work they are too. I also often say, "Besides, we have our own puppy...Ethan."

Our cat (mine before my marriage too) died 2 years ago. I miss her & sometimes would like to replace her, but then the litter thing..ugh! As soon as the baby was born, that became my job again. Well..he might have given me a couples week to recoup. = )

Chocolate, Vanilla and Caramel said...

I laughed out loud about her wanting a blind dog. At least he wouldn't be able to chase her, I guess...?