Friday, April 10, 2009

Heard around the house

The scene: Lanie and Erin playing this morning. Lanie pushes Erin around in the doll stroller and says, "Erin, it's almost Easter!"

"Oh!" Erin says.

"Easter is a lot of fun. Aren't you excited?" Lanie asks.

"Come too!" Erin says.

"Oh, you don't have to go anywhere. It just happens. We get Easter baskets and then after breakfast we go on an egg hunt," Lanie explains.


Yesterday as I readied Erin for her nap, Lanie says, "Does she have to take a nap now? I was having so much fun playing with her!"

Now that's more like it.


Erin's fix-it intuition kicked in this morning. She brings a little choo-choo train in and its batteries are dead.

"Mama, fix it?" she asks and puts it in my lap.

"It needs new batteries, honey," I say.

She scurries off and comes back with a bag of batteries we have (that aren't full charge but have enough juice in them to keep some kid toys playing a bit longer). She hands me the bag and turns the train upside down to point out where they go.

"I'll need a screwdriver," I explain.

"Oh, basement!" she says and scurries off again, but she can't open the basement door.

"The screwdriver is in the garage," I say. I'm preparing to get it myself when the alarm starts going off. She was going to get it herself! Determined little girl.

She is now happily chuggin' along.

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Chocolate, Vanilla and Caramel said...

It's so encouraging to me that you love homeschooling! It's wonderful to have people around who are having such positive experiences. I'm getting really excited about it. I'm sure at some point I will be calling you with questions. To be honest, this year is actually pre-preschool. Because my daughter's birthday falls one month after the cut off date, she will not start K until the year after next. But my guess is that I will start doing K work with her next year because she loves to learn and is wanting to write the alphabet and all those things, so why not?!

We are going to attempt to attend the 4:30 service tomorrow at church (if husband and son are not too sick) and I keep thinking about you since you guys go on Saturdays. :)