Sunday, April 5, 2009

Musings by Erin

Cuddling in sunlight this morning, Erin notices dust particles floating around us. "Butterflies!" she says.

On Saturday nights, the first person to see the moon gets the first bowl of popcorn when we get home from church. Erin pointed out the moon three times on the way there. Lanie asked for cinnamon/sugar popcorn. I told her about a recipe I found recently for chocolate popcorn. Erin pipes up, "Shoe-shack popcorn!" (Shoe-shack is 2-speak for fruit snack--her main obsession since we finished them off a week ago.)

I was singing a silly version of the Wonder Pets theme song the other day. Erin has taken it over and added her own twist to it: Wonder Pets, Wonder Pets, they're on the way to eat Mommy's lunch and save the day, they like grilled cheese and they like fruit cup and when they work together they eat it all up. Go Wonder Pets! YAY! She sings this several times a day.

Whenever I ask her things, she'll say an unexpected answer to get a laugh. And she gets great delight out of it. Like when I say, "Does your mama love you?" She says, "NO!" and I grab her and kiss her and say, "Yes, I DO!" Or if Shane asks, "Are you Daddy's girl?" She'll say, "No, Mama's!" To my great delight.

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