Thursday, April 30, 2009

My stinky towels

When my kids get out of the shower, they love to pick out which towel they're going to wear. We have quite a collection now: pink elephant, lion, butterfly, snowman and frog hoodie towels to name a few. Very cute. And my kids look so cute wrapped in them.

I sometimes wonder if bathing time is going to be something they remember ... for all the wrong reasons. Mom used to get these really cute towels and wrap us up and give us hugs. But do you remember how stinky the towels were?! Ugh.

Laundry is not my forte by any means. I don't mind getting the wash started. That's the good part. Where I'm greatly lacking in this job is moving it from the washer, to the dryer, getting stuff folded and especially getting stuff put away. And it seems every time I do a load of towels, I forget about them for the rest of the day while they're wet in the washer. I'll remember them the next day. Sometimes the musty stink makes me do the load over with extra softener. Sometimes I just stick in an extra dryer sheet and hope that takes care of the job.

Someone in cyberspace must have a tip for getting the musty smell out of towels.



jodie said...

My sister's towels always get this stinky feet smell. She blames it on an "old towel syndrome." I always thought "yeh, right!" Until it happened to some of mine! I think she's right! Cheap towels wear down and take on this horrid smell. She says there's nothing you can do but replace them. I'm not sure this is the same as your musty smell.
When I saw your title I couldn't believe we are "stinky-towel-buddies"! I was already planning to do some towel shopping tomorrow.
The photo of Erin at the tree is amaaaaazing!

Lisa said...

I have heard adding vinegar to the laundry (with detergent?) gets rid of that smell. Worth a shot, and it will kill bacteria in your washing machine as well.

Anonymous said...

Add a little bleach, about 1/4 of the detergent capful. I've left towels in overnight with no stink! Of course, being a guy, I may not notice any stink!!