Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ten years

Whenever I think of my husband, the title Good Guy is never far behind. And it's been like that ever since I met him in 1995. Even while we dated, he did things I suspect he never would have if it weren't for love, like the insane biking mileage I required from him: 30 miles on his first ride out--in March, when it's still cold. Or ride two 150k rides for Multiple Sclerosis. Then there were the trail rides every other weekend. I'm sure he was glad when I put the bike away.

Every gift he has gotten me has always been thoughtfully chosen. Something always supportive to whatever my current interests were, like a printer, a gym bag, chocolate, a jump rope ... to name a few.

He sends me positive emails about all kinds of stuff he thinks I'd be interested in. He laughs at my jokes and silly songs. He wakes up at 3 a.m. every weekday and works a really long day so that I can stay home with the girls and focus on being their mom and teacher. Never once has he complained of the hours or a bad day.

A lot of people don't get us and I suppose it's a reflection of today's culture. Once, when I considered joining a writing group, I talked to the group's coordinator about meeting times. I mentioned I'd have to talk it over with my husband (as he would have to watch our kids so I could attend). Her disdain was immediate and loud, "They're his kids too!" she argued. But she didn't get it. Our marriage is not every man for himself. I hope I never convince myself that my desires trump his.

I think we've had one argument ... over car insurance about eight years ago. We have disagreed on things, but these years have taught me to be a better listener and to have an open mind. And that sometimes I'm better off keeping my mouth shut. There have been other lessons along the way: I'm so glad he doesn't hold a grudge.

My mom wasn't alive when I met Shane and married him. So I chose my parents' wedding anniversary to be our wedding day as a way to include her memory. My parents would have been married fifty-two years today. Today, Shane and I celebrate ten years.

Happy anniversary to the man I love.


Beckie said...

Happy Anniversery Shane & Courtney! I hope there are many, many, many more wonderful years in store for you two!!

Courtney said...


God willing. Thanks, Beckie!