Friday, May 29, 2009

Around the house

Another day inside. Erin's sporting her fourth day of sick with stuffy nose and (as of today) cough. I want to keep her in and make sure there's time for a long nap. Still, she's been full of energy, treating me to songs of rhyme (1, 2, buckle my shoe), scooter feats, and emptying the box of Saxon Math manipulatives. It seems dreary days are the perfect days for dominoes and bear counters on picnic. At first, I gave her four bears to play with. Then I just handed her the entire bag.

"Ooh!" she said, dumping the bag's contents in her lap. "Big mess!" And then she got up and ran off to see what Lanie's up to.


Lanie blew through the entire bag of library books. But as a courtesy to us, she let Shane read a book to her. Lanie sat next to him as he began the story about The Berenstein Bears. In this book, there was some pretty snarky language. Shane attempted to gloss over it with softer speak.

"That's not what it says!" Lanie told him. Our days of censorship are over.

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Courtney said...

Actually, this post was written about two days ago. I just never got around to finishing it or publishing it. It's amazing what you can accomplish when you wake up at 2:30 a.m. and have two hours of uninterrupted computer time. Erin's fever is gone. She's not as stuffy. Her cough is improving.

Now I think I'm going back to bed.