Thursday, May 21, 2009

Field day

Yesterday was Field Day at the academy. Great weather, lots of fun activities like: drip, drip, drop (which is like duck, duck, goose, except with water), soccer dribble, musical chairs, sack races and dodge ball for the younger grades. There was also a moonbounce and face painting. And after a busy morning of moving about, the kids got popsicles.

Erin was my shadow for most of the morning as I went around and snapped pictures. From about nine to noon, she was a good trooper, but the constant busyness was a bit much for her. So it was nice when the school did races and I could sneak off with another mom of a little and enjoy some moonbounce time.

One mom brought in barn kittens. Erin was captivated. Way better than the caterpillar we sat and watched for fifteen minutes. This little kitty curled right up in Erin's arms and meowed, eventually falling asleep. Erin says, "Kitty like me." She held that kitty gently and lovingly petted it and gazed at it.

It was heartbreaking to take the kitten away when it was time to go. Erin was visibly and audibly shaken. Even at bedtime, her last thoughts about the kitty weren't how cute it was, or how much it liked her. No, they were, "Mommy took away." Insert pout.

Lanie had a blast jumping, running, popsicle-ing. Windows down as we drove out of the parking lot, we called out happy summer wishes to our friends. I even felt a tinge of sadness pulling away from these families I've come to recognize, and some I've gotten to know better. I felt a tug at my heart that the first year of school was over and Lanie would be coming back an older child in first grade. I tried to breathe in every detail of the moment, her last day in kindergarten, the last day of school, spectacular weather, tired faces, the smell of sunscreen, crunching pretzels, gentle breeze.

I drove slowly away.


Karen said...

It was a perfect day.

Be no time you will be wondering how it got to be the last day of 5th Grade!

Anonymous said...

That picture of Erin and the Kitten is so cute! It would make a nice main picture for your blog (cropped).