Friday, May 1, 2009

In my steps

I figured the only way I was going to benefit from the exercise disks I bought would be to first open the package. Today I did a balance ball work out after schooling Lanie and while Erin napped. My balance ball is purple. Lanie pulled out her purple ball and copied my movements right alongside me. She was full of giggles. Me, not so much. I suspect I'll be limping tomorrow.

Fast forward to after Erin wakes up. She sits in my lap for cuddles and as I'm sitting and holding her, I see the mess of crumbs on the kitchen floor. Lanie is on the couch reading her Big Picture Story Bible. I get the Swiffer and start sweeping up. I hear Lanie chattering as she's reading out loud. Some words catch my ear.

"God ... chatter, chatter ... Elijah ... chatter, chatter ... fire from the sky," she's saying to herself.

I stop in my tracks.

"Lanie, are you reading about Elijah?" I ask.

"Yes," she says.

"And the fire coming from the sky," I continue.


"I just read that today too!" I tell her. She is full of smiles. Me too. It's part of my Bible in a year plan and blogging book club, you know, 66 Books. Of course, she cruised to 2 Kings effortlessly because of the abridged storylike Bible she's reading. It's taken me five months to get where I am. And I might have skipped a part or two along the way.

I think it's funny and sobering at the same time, how she watches me and imitates me. Her kids will love chocolate chip, white chip cookies. I hope she also continues in her faith and teaches it to her kids as well. And I hope her kids don't mind when she drops them off at a birthday party a week earlier than the actual time. My mom did it to me. I almost did it to Lanie. (Thanks for the heads up, Beckie!)

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