Thursday, July 23, 2009

How I ended up taking a walk after dinner

After dinner tonight, I thought maybe opening up the carton of Breyers Double Churned Chocolate Chocolate Chip ice cream might be a good idea (and no, that double chocolate is not a typo). The girls wholeheartedly agreed. Imagine that. Lanie gobbled hers up silently. Erin barely finished her scoop. And then she was off.

Shane and I tried to complete thoughts about health care and the economy and household things. It was tough with a sugarbuzz zooming around us. About three or four times, Lanie asked if she could read me a book. And I kept trying to finish a thought with Shane so I could sit with her. I finally made it.

Enter Erin. Zooming. Silly faces. Funny noises. Slap-happy. Lanie read the same sentences over and over again, just trying to complete them with Erin's frequent interruptions.

"This kid is possessed!" I said to Shane.

"I not zest!" Erin said. And she spun around a few times and fell over. Getting a laugh from us, she did it at least ten more times. "I not zest! I not zest!" Spin. And fall. Times ten.

Finally, Lanie closes the book in defeat and hands it to me saying, "If you want to know what happens, you're going to have to read it yourself."

I laughed hard. And then we all put on shoes and went for a neighborhood walk to work it out of our systems.

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