Sunday, July 12, 2009

If you aren't dying to marry me after trying it, then I have more work to do

In a bizarre series of dialogue with a friend that began with "how do you make hamburgers?" and ended with me inviting my entire family over for said hamburgers, I tasted a delectable, delicious salad. The hostess said, "Would you like to try my husband's famous salad?" And me, being the foodie and lover of salad that I am said, "Yes." This was the salad, they say, that won her heart.

Red leaf lettuce, red pears, blue cheese and pecans topped with a lovely (and I mean LOVELY in song) raspberry vinaigrette.

Over burgers and salad and other tasty samplings, I said to the host, "You'll have to give me the recipe for your dressing, so, you know, Shane doesn't leave me for you!" Insert polite laughter.

"Oh, no. I don't give it out," he said.

It was like a brick falling on a dream.

I dared ask, "Are you serious?"

He smiled and nodded.

I cornered his wife in the kitchen. "What's in the dressing?" I said firmly and seriously. I was on a mission.

"I don't know measurements. He makes this alone." Intriguing.

"I don't need measurements, just tell me the basics and I'll figure it out," I said, just slightly desperately.

"Oil (olive?), garlic, raspberry vinegar ... and honey," she said. There was some confusion over herbs: possibly basil or oregano. Maybe both. It's a mystery.

As night marched on, we packed up our kids and the hostess asked if I'd like to take the remaining dressing home.

Um. Yes. Yes, I would.

We had it tonight over a garden salad. The "garden" being the ten leaves I plucked from my lettuces that are just maturing. Shane laughed at the handful I brought in. I added them on top of some romaine I had in the fridge and topped it with feta cheese and almonds because I don't have blue cheese, red pears and pecans. Not yet. Tomorrow's grocery day and I plan on reinventing this dressing almost daily until I get it right. Or good enough, anyway.

Luckily, Chef Google doesn't hold so tightly to his recipes. I searched for suggestions and have a few to toss around. Get it? Toss? Never mind.

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