Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lovely day

The weather around here has been just perfect. Sunny skies with lovely, fluffy clouds. Low humidity. And cool nights that cause me to want to put a jacket or sweater on. Maybe even drink some warm tea. Or enjoy a fire at the fire pit. I find myself wishing it was like this every summer. Just beautiful.

This morning, we picked berries at the local pick-your-own. Followed by lunch with our picking friends, only to kick them out after some playtime so that we could head to our next event: a kindergarten splash reunion.

This pool was deeper than my kids are used to, so I vested them up. Still, they wouldn't let go of me--at first.

Lanie got braver as time went on. Jumped into the pool into my waiting arms. Then discovered her life jacket and floatie made her super-sink-proof. She scooted all around the pool with a smile stuck in the "on" position the whole time. I barely saw her after that.

I lost a battle with an enormous dragon float. Beckie laughed at me and said it was worthy of Funny Videos. Fortunately, no cameras were around. The water was a delicious blue. There is no other way to describe it. And when it was time to go, I wanted to get back in one more time, but I didn't.

Erin pretty much preferred being out of the pool, looking super cute in her new super cute haircut.

She was asleep as we pulled out onto the main road heading home. Lovely day.

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