Sunday, July 5, 2009

Remember ...

Lanie running through a big green yard, her blonde hair sailing behind her like a banner.

Erin sitting underneath a colorful parachute canopy as it floated up and down around her. The look on her face, pure joy.

Little hands holding mine. Kids in my lap, cuddling on cool nights.

Fireworks and Erin's giddy screams. She ran out into the darkness, arms reaching high to catch the colorful, glowing embers. Running. Beautiful.

Star-shaped ice cream sandwiches with strawberry ice cream. A pig roasted in the ground and uncovered for dinner. The best macaroni and cheese I think I've ever tasted. And potato salad made by a grandma (15 eggs, she said. And pickle juice. Delicious.) I ate so much, I thought I could go a week without another meal.

A call from a friend inviting us over for brunch the next morning. So spontaneous for a planner like me--I like this living on the edge. Hazelnut coffee. Sausage and egg bake. Monkey bread. Fruit and scones. I had at least two helpings of everything. And then I went back for just a bite here and there. This little piggie went wee! wee! wee! all the way home.

An afternoon with Denise and the girls. Dinner by candlelight in the dining room. We've used it three times in a year now, and I rather like eating in there. Especially by candlelight. The kids got a kick out of it too.

Watching Lanie feed Cheerios to our hamster friend, Little Bill. Talking about this week's plans. Kisses goodnight. Holding Erin close as her breathing evened out. She fell gently to sleep in my arms. When I moved to get up, her eyes opened to find me. "Come too," she said. I cuddled her a moment longer until she drifted off.

I want to remember these days. The feel of a cool summer evening. The laughter of my kids. The warmth of a hand in mine. The anticipation of tomorrows. I wonder what my children will remember of these days.


5intow said...

so, so, so precious. I'm sure they will have memories of sweetness as well. A different angle perhaps, but unforgettable.

Courtney said...