Friday, July 3, 2009

SSF--bummer addition

The day looked promising: berry picking, some afternoon fun, maybe some summer splashing with the kindergarten kids. But one by one, these things were canceled, and actually, all for the better.

Lanie is on her third day of laxatives after a very trying week, with no results. It's better we're close to home because that's where the bathroom is, and because she's just not herself. I'm really hoping she'll poop this morning, because otherwise, I suspect we'll be at the doctor's this afternoon. I can't make her wait till Monday.

I know she'd rather be picking berries. I know she'd rather be splashing with her friends. I know she'd rather be riding her scooter, swinging on swings, climbing rock walls, and doing hopscotch. So it breaks my heart on many levels that she's going through this.

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