Friday, July 17, 2009


We'd been looking forward to this day all week: Lanie was going to get a haircut. It's been over a year since she's had the length taken up and I wanted to put as much time between that experience and the next one. Erin's happy do was inspiration enough for Lanie. As the week wore on, smiles replaced the frown at the thought of cutting her hair.

This morning, she bounded into my room to remind me she was getting a haircut. But as time ticked on, she seemed more and more worried. She began with stipulations:

  1. They could only spray her hair, not wash it in the sink.
  2. No black capes.
  3. No blow-drying her hair.
  4. They couldn't cut the bangs--only I would at home.
  5. And it had to look like the photograph (to my amusement and wonder, it was a picture of last year's hairstyle. Go figure.)

I had to repeat these things to her as we waited. I explained to the stylist what our deal was, "She's a little nervous," I mouthed.

Lanie held my hand and tried not to smile as Erin entertained us with goofy dances and funny Erin speak. Even the stylist cracked a smile. "They're very different," she commented.

Lanie got about four or five inches cut off. Afterward, she was visibly pleased. On the way to the car she said, "I like this haircut better than the one last year!" and "I can't wait to show Daddy!"

"I'm so proud at how brave you were being, Lanie. I know you were nervous," I said.

"I wasn't being brave," she told me. "I was already brave."

We celebrated with donuts from a nearby bakery. Sprinkled, of course. Lanie ate all of hers. Erin used her donut as the vehicle for the icing and sprinkles. And we all sang along to Happy Day.

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Beckie said...

And you'll be uploading the new picture very soon right?! = ) Can't wait to see it.

BTW...I have your History book for school. It arrived Wed. afternoon.