Friday, August 28, 2009


We watched a couple feed French fries to the gulls. Erin wanted to run and catch the birds, but she stopped short at their screeches and squawks. "Mommy! They're laughing!"

Ice cream on the boardwalk.

The boardwalk. French fries. Sea gulls. Sand sculptures. Ice cream. Cotton candy. Games and prizes. Erin "won" the first game, but didn't like the prize, so Lanie got it. Lanie won a different game and picked out a white lion, and gave it to her sister. Erin looked in love as she cuddled and kissed the lion. Lanie looked like butter--just ready to melt from doing something so nice. Her angel smile glowed.

Erin, "Ferris wheel!" A sliver of moon. Tea cup rides. Hot air balloons. The carousel. A caterpillar roller coaster for four. Magical--every second.

The water park and Lanie's thrill seeking instincts in high gear. "This was the best day of my life!" Lanie said. I think it was mine too. Each day. When so much goodness and sunshine and pizza and ice cream and water and waves and sand and family and smiles and laughter and awe get packed into moments till they are bursting at the seams. Joy overflowing.

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Beckie said...

I'm so glad you had such a good time. There is nothing like the beach. We tried a cabin in the woods vacation one year...not the same...not even close!

What's the name of the pizza shop? You can email me off-blog.

Jon used to work at this same beach, back in his wild care-free youthful days.