Thursday, August 13, 2009


I think I got ahead of myself, doing that grocery shopping. Later that night, felt bad. Then sick all day yesterday. Wanted to get something done beside lie on the couch all day. Cleaned lower level. Bathed children. But still couldn't bring myself to fix dinner. Or even look at food. By evening, I was covered in sweaters, socks and blankets to try to keep warm because the body aches and fever had returned with a vengeance. I felt worse yesterday than I had all week.

"You should go to bed when Erin does," Shane offered. I craved the rest.

I asked him, "Can you get some clean pajamas from the laundry room and get Erin ready for bed?"

He did.

"Can you fix her a drink and make sure her diaper is changed?"

He did.

"Can you take her upstairs and get her settled in bed?"

He did. I followed along, breathless, sweaty, shaking, dizzy.

"Can you get me the vomit bucket out of the hall closet?" I asked.

He did.

As he shut the door, I asked one last question, "Also, can you put the clothes in the washing machine into the dryer for me?"

"Yes. But I'm starting to feel like Cinderella," he said.


5intow said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. Glad you have a willing Cinderella to take care of you. :-)


Courtney said...

Me too!

jodie said...

my "cinderella" just delivered my dinner to me on a tray! Kathleen is staying with me.