Friday, August 14, 2009


Erin has been lobbying for a McDonalds trip. Daily. Today, after finishing up baking cowboy cookies, she asked for ice cream, freezer pops, chocolate and got a no for each one. Then she goes for McDonalds.

"Not today, babe. McDonalds costs money and I don't have any money on me," I say. Of course, what does money mean to a two year old?

She wanders off. She gets my wallet and comes back to me saying, "Here's some money for you, Mama."

Then she got my purse, the diaper bag and her shoes (which she put on herself).


Beckie said...

Did it work?

Courtney said...

Yes, it did. I took them there for lunch and we went to the park afterward (ran in to Rory and her mom!).

Beckie said...

I can imagine it would be very hard to resist such determination, especially from somebody so cute!

jodie said...